Asked recently what risk he worried about most, alongside Taiwan and Ukraine, General Stanley McChrystal replied: cyber security, particularly in the supply chain. He joins a growing group of the most senior operational and strategic US commanders, such as former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen…

SolarWinds was not the first supply chain cyber attack and it won’t be the last. Everyday companies find themselves compromised through their vendors, who unknowingly deliver attacks — especially ransomware in the past year — to the customer company. Once a compromised company is delivering a sophisticated attack through a…

The cyber attack still unfolding in the US may turn out to be the most serious nation state espionage campaign in history. Assessing the possible damage and clearing up the infection will take many months and will extend to the thousands of government departments and FTSE companies in many countries that used SolarWinds Orion software for managing their networks, since it was the regular upgrades to this which delivered at least part of the infection. If Russian intelligence agencies were responsible, we should assume the damage goes beyond mere espionage — they may use the access to alter, monetise or destroy corporate and government data.

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Robert Hannigan

Cyber Security Specialist. Chairman of BlueVoyant International. Former GCHQ Director & Founder of UK National Cyber Security Centre. Views are his own.

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